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Our Environmental Policy

Tepe Betopan is one of the leading cement-bonded particleboard producers of Turkey with its cement-bonded particleboard production facility and over 30 years of experience.

All employees of TEPE BETOPAN take care to protect the environment and natural life and avoid damaging activities. In the products, the consumer rights and public health issues are treated responsibly and the applicable rules are complied with. Immediate action is taken as soon as the damage is identified without waiting for legal and social warnings to compensate the damage caused to the society or the environment unconsciously.

Tepe Betopan sees the environment as a valuable resource and believes that nature should be protected in the best way so that future generations can benefit and it remains sustainable.

In this sense, our policy consists of the following components;

o    To follow and comply with legal, international and customer requirements in order to continuously improve our environmental performance and to prevent environmental pollution;
o    To control and minimize the effects of environmental factors related to all our activities and new products, processes and operations;
o    To make necessary efforts to reduce our energy consumption by focusing on energy efficiency in all our business processes from supply to production and distribution to sales. To promote the use of public transport and low-emission vehicles. To make maximum use of the sunlight in the interior lighting and consider the use of recycled materials while fulfilling all our needs;
o    To ensure that the wastes generated during our operations are primarily prevented, reduced and separated from their sources, recycled and disposed using the most appropriate methods;
o    To strive for the development of environmental consciousness in our workplace, to create the same awareness in all our stakeholders through collaborations and joint initiatives, to improve the environmental awareness of our employees by organizing training activities and to spread this principle to the families of all our employees;
o    To use appropriate technology to reduce and prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise and save on the water consumption as much as possible.

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