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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

1) How can I supply your products?
You can supply our products from Tepe Betopan dealers and sales points throughout the country. You can reach our dealers at http://betopan.com.tr/tr/bayiler 

2) How can I learn the prices of your products?
You can contact our local dealers to learn the domestic sales prices of our products.

3) How can I get a price for the application of your products?
You can contact our application dealers with skilled and experienced teams for application prices. You can reach our application dealers at http://betopan.com.tr/tr/bayiler 

4) What is the difference between betopan® and tepePAN® group products?

Our betopan® group products contain wood chips as fiber and they are produced as cement-based particle board in accordance with TS EN 634-1,2 standard. On the other hand,tepePAN® group products contain cellulose as fiber and they are produced as fiber-reinforced, cement-based board in accordance withTS EN 12467 standard.

5) What is the difference between betopan® and tepePAN® patterned products?

The texture depth of our patterned betopan group products is slightly greater due to the different production method. This makes it easier to detect patterns on the facades of tower blocks. It provides advantages for aging patina paint applications.

6) What is Tepe Unique®?

Tepe Unique® is the brand of our self-colored, fiber-reinforced, cement-based product group. This product group is produced as plain and patterned with different color pigments and water-repellent admixtures. It provides labor and time saving as it does not require paint.

7) What is the difference of Tepe Unique® Pro?

They are products that contain Tepe Unique® features, flat surface, A3 class strength and that are produced by pressing and have Line and Flat surface appearances with calibrated sanding process.

8) Do you have a product that you can recommend for roof applications?

Our tepePAN Roof® product with high bearing capacity in A1 non-combustible class is used as bearing board under roofing materials such as tiles, shingles, etc. It has higher water, moisture and fire resistancein contrast with other wood chip products used for this purpose. It provides ease of application with standard sizing advantage. The product maintains its features even if it is exposed to external weather conditions during the application.

9) Do your products contain substances harmful to health?

Our products are environmentally friendly. They do not contain carcinogenic substances harmful to health like asbestos etc. thanks to its natural content. There is no toxic gas emission.

10) Can your factories do cutting and sizing?

Cutting and sizing can be done in our factories on standard production sizes for a fee.

11) How can we cut your products?

Our products can be easily cut by square, bench-type circular saw tools and diamond-tipped metal saws and blades in suitable sizes.

12) Can I do wet cutting for your products?

Dry cutting is recommended.

13) What should I pay attention for mounting your products?

You should pay attention to choose a suitable system for the product group and to mount under the right conditions. The facades of the buildings are points significantly affected by adverse weather conditions, wind load, etc. It is essential to make static calculations before mounting and to choose suitable products and systems in applications.

14) What are the advantages of ventilated cladding system?

It extends building structure life, provides maximum efficiency to thermal insulation products; contributes to sound insulation, reduces noise, especially in busy streets so that it increases life comfort. Air circulation removes moisture and humidity from the building.

15) Can I prevent productions like rainwater pipe etc. from being visible from the outside in your cladding system?

One of the advantages of the ventilated cladding system applying our products is to allow hiding the productions we do not want to be visible that are applied on the exterior of the building, within air well.

16) Can I solve the exterior dilatation details with your products?

Our products are eligible for exterior dilatation details and being solved.

17) Can I have your products made without joint groove in exterior cladding applications?

You should ask your master to leave vertical joint groove between the boards during mounting, otherwise, problems such as breaking and cracking may occur when using the boards.

18) Can I have joint fillings done after mounting your products on the exterior?

It is not recommended to use filling material in the joints between facade products. Otherwise, micro cracks may be formed in the filling material during use.

19) What should I pay attention in the painting process of your products?

Before the painting application, the surface should be cleaned of dust and other residues, the surface and weather conditions should be suitable for the painting process. The boards should not be wet. Peeling and swelling in the paint may occur after the painting applications on the boards without the required surface dryness. Acrylic-based, water-based, one-coat primer and two-coat paint should be applied to reach the thicknesses recommended by the paint manufacturer for painting application.

20) Can I use your other products like Tepe Unique group without painting them?

Tepe Unique group products do not require painting since they are self-colored and have water-repellent surface, however other product groups should be used after painting especially for the strength and dimensional stability of the products on exterior. Moreover, the paint provides an aesthetic appearance. Products used as a finishing material indoors and outdoors without being painted are not covered by the guarantee.

21) Can I use your products under materials such as ceramics etc. in wet areas?

Our flat surface betopan and tepePAN group products can be used as a bearing board under coating materials like ceramics etc. Ceramic coatings can be adhered to boards with cement-based adhesive mortars and PU adhesives.

22) Can I stock your products outdoors?

Our product packaging protects our products during delivery, it is not suitable for long-term storage outdoors. Our products should preferably be stocked in the warehouse. However, they can be temporarily kept in a covered area or under a tarpaulin in case of short-term storage. You can see the requirements of the storage, transportation and stowage in detail at www.betopan.com.tr/tr/dokuman-merkezi

23) Do you guarantee the products in case of damage during the delivery?

Possible damages arising from transportation are not covered by the guarantee, because the domestic sales of our products are delivered on free on truck basis in our factory. The buyer is responsible for transportation insurance.

24) What is the guarantee period and scope of your products?

Our products are under guarantee for 5 years against production problems. You can send your questions about the guarantee to teknik@betopan.com.tr
You can fill out the contact form athttp://www.betopan.com.tr/tr/iletisimin the contact section of our website or contact us via the phone number +90 312 266 45 51 to share your requests, suggestions, questions and complaints.
You can send your requests for more detailed technical information regarding the above questions and other questions to the Product Management & SSH Unit via teknik@betopan.com.tr

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