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Betopan Unique® Brick

Betopan Unique Brick is Fiber Brick’s through colored material.

Advantages of Use

  • Thorugh Colored Fibercement Board.
  • It protects Facades of buildings from factors such as heat, moisture variations, fire, storms, etc
  • It decreases air-conditioning costs in hot and cold weather (buy up to 55% ) by creating natural air conditioning effect.
  • Since it can be painted, it allows change of color.
  • It is highly resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and to other effects causing movement in the building because the load is equally distributed across the whole building by means of wall plugs of appropriate standards, and vibration compliant, flexible and galvanized metal sheet construction system is used.
  • It is appropriate for use in earthquake resistant buildings with steel construction.
  • It can be easily mounted, cut and processed.
  • It solves all problems related to water and relative humidity thanks to the breathing and ventilated mounting system.
    Tuğlapan that has a smooth surface has various types of accessories with different thicknesses and dimensions, such as head jambs and jambs for window and door spaces; inner corners and outer corners for edges.

Indoor & Outdoor

  • Wall cladding system
  • Partition wall system
  • Under ceramic tiles in wet spaces
  • Mezzanine floor system
  • Raised access floor system
  • Suspended ceiling system


  • Rebated siding system
  • Wall cladding system.
  • Soffit and fascia cladding system.
  • As bottom sheet for roofing.

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