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TepeColor Stone

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Acrylic based, decorative, water-based interior and exterior paint. It can be used on cement, gypsum based building panels etc. It is decorative paint with different stone texture and appereance on concrete and plastered surfaces.


• Alkali and UV resistance is high
• Available in different color options
• High resistance to external conditions
• Provides a decorative look like stone and granite
• High abrasion resistance
• High color performance
• Long service life
• Easy to apply

Areas of Usage

Residential, hotel, restaurant, cafe etc. it can be used in interior and exterior paint applications in different projects.

Method of Application

TepeColor Stone is ready to use and applied to the surface by reverse-straight hand movements with brush. Large areas are applied with whitewash brush. After application of paint balls of different colors in the paint, the surface is expected to make the bottom drying. Then, color balls are exploded by plastic stripping apparatus. In this way, multi-colored decorative surfaces are obtained. Varnish application is applied to the surface in exterior applications.

Surface Preparation

New surfaces: The surface must be free of dust, dirt and foreign matter. Repairs on the surfaces should be done with external surface fixing pastes.

Old surfaces: The surface should be free of dust, dirt, oil and impurity loose, and swollen layers. Repair of damaged surfaces should be done with acrylic based exterior surface fixing paste, etc.

Packaging and Storage

TepeColor Stone is available in 15,10, 7.5, 5, 2.5 and 1 lt metal bucket packages.

Keep away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold conditions.

It should be stored in the clean and dry environment. Unopened packages can be stored for 12 months.



0.15- 0.25 k/m2 ( one coat)

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