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Betopan FiberPlus Retail Product Group

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Betopan Fiber Plus is a maintenance-free retail product of Tepe Betopan with A1 fire class, which is easy to apply with a cost of 1/5.

Advantages of Use

\r\nStocking Advantage
\r\nEase of Transport
\r\nEase of Installation
\r\nEase of Application

Application Areas

• Resistant to seasonal changes.
• Easy assembly and modification procedures.
• It is odorless and does not release toxic gas.
• Extends and protects the life of insulation material when used in heat and sound insulation systems.
• It provides durability to impact
• Resistant to biological and chemical wastes.
• Easy to carry, light weight.
• Insect-proof, non-putrescible, fungusproof.
• Easy to cut.
• Offers different solutions in all areas of building projects.
• A finishing material.
• Can be painted again.
• Cement based.
• Can be used with insulating material of any desired thickness.
• Can be used in fine details with smooth cutting surfaces.
• Highly impact resistance rather than gypsum based board.
• Protects the under construction system.
• Create facades and surfaces in according to fire instructions and regulations.
• Applied as Natura Deck.

Technical Specifications

Density mm. 1200 kg/m3 1350 ± 50 kg/m3
Fire resistance
Non-combustible according to EN 13501-1
Class A1 building material
Bending strength
≥ 7 N/mm2 (under wet conditions)
≥ 12 N/mm2(in laboratory environment)
Elastic modulus of bending ≥ 4000 N/mm2

Standard Dimensions

Fuga / Standard Dimensions

Thickness 10 mm
Widht 100 mm
Height 1500 mm

Fiberwood / Standard Dimensions

Thickness 10 mm
Widht 175 mm
Height 1500 mm

Fiberstone / Standard Dimensions

Thickness 10 mm
Widht 410 mm
Height 1500 mm

Natura / Standard Dimensions

Thickness 20 mm
Widht 200 mm
Height 1500 mm

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