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Technical Specification
Color and Design
Tepe Betopan® provides the materials it produces and sells with detailing solutions. In this context, the company also produces the façade accessory products for joint and fnishing touches. Tepe Betopan® Façade Accessories are also cement based like the panels. Outer corners, internal corners, frames, lento and lath are produced in the accessories factory and therefore do not have the angular defects that can occur in manufacturing on site. The accessories arrive at the site with the mitre joints connected at the factory in 3 meter profles. Tepe Betopan® Façade Accessories are in internal corner, external corner, frame, lento and lathe profles and foor molding form and are produced in different sizes and designs to adapt to design preferences. 
DKS-01 30*120*3000 30
DKS-02 30*100*3000 30
DKS-03 30*100*3000 30
DKS-04 30*120*3000 30
DKS-05 30*130*3000 30
DKS-06 30*100*3000 30
DKS-07 30*100*3000 30
DKS-08 30*140*3000 30
DKS-09 30*130*3000 30
DKS-10 30*120*3000 30
DKS-11 30*130*3000 30
DKS-12 30*120*3000 30
DKS-13 30*140*3000 30
DKS-14 30*150*3000 30

Exterior Color Chart

Stone Color Chart

TSC 3001 TSC 3001

TSC 3002 TSC 3002

TSC 3003 TSC 3003

TSC 3005 TSC 3005

TSC 3007 TSC 3007

TSC 3008 TSC 3008

Wood Color Chart

TCW2002 TCW2002

TCW2004 TCW2004

TCW2006 TCW2006

TCW2008 TCW2008

TCW2010 TCW2010

TCW2012 TCW2012

TCW2014 TCW2014

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