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Betopan Deck

Betopan Deck is a floor material that consisting of fiber cellulose and cement. It can be used as retail product.

Advantage of Use

  • It does not stain
  • It has water repelled coated surface
  • It  does not affected by water
  • It can be produced with two options which are  production with through color and painted colors.
  • It can be easily installed
  • It is renewable and paintable
  • It is a non-flamable building material with A1 class fire resistance

Areas of Usage

  • Walking paths
  • Pool edges
  • Porches
  • Terrace coverings
  • Garden upholstery

Standard Dimensions  

Thickness  22 mm
Width 140,175, 200 mm
Length 1500 mm
3000 mm

Deck Color Chart

Walnut Walnut

Grey Grey

Mustard Mustard

Brown Brown

Oak Oak

Palisandro Palisandro

Teak Teak

Through Colored Fiber Cement Boards

Anthracite (UPL-3) Anthracite (UPL-3)

Gray (UPL-2) Gray (UPL-2)

Light Gray (UPL-1) Light Gray (UPL-1)

Cream (UPL-7) Cream (UPL-7)

Mustard (UPL-4) Mustard (UPL-4)

Red Tile (UPL-5) Red Tile (UPL-5)

Green (UPL-6) Green (UPL-6)

Areas of Usage


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