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TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş., as a company of Bilkent Holding, set up its factory in 1984 in Ankara Beytepe marking the start of first Cement Bonded Particleboard production in TURKEY with registered trademark of Betopan. In 1999, the factory has been upgraded by using modern technology systems, and the capacity has been doubled. In 2001, the other Cement Bonded Particleboard factory in ARHAVI was acquired and subsequently TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. has become the sole producer in Turkey. In 2008, TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. gathered under a single roof all its production line in Ankara/Bilkent and took its place among the leaders in the world.
In 2000, “Stable and durable betopan®, betopanplus®”, was developed as an outcome of long lasting R&D efforts within the company and was included into the product range. Conseqvently, TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. has become amongst the technology developing companies and commenced the production and sale of betopanplus®, in addition to the “cement bonded particle board” Betopan® being produced and sold since 1984.
In addition to betopan®, its first product and following inclusion of betopanplus® into its product range, TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. launched its “Wooden Textured yalıpan®” and “Stone Textured taşonit®” products. Due to interest shown and increased demand in facade cladding panels and systems TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. began production of brands monolin®, frapan®, fugalin® in mid-2011, tuğlapan® and tuğpan® in first quarter 2012 as, and is one of the rare companies in the world achieving to develop its own system and manufacture different solutions. 
TEPE BETOPAN A.Ş. has made and continues to make significant contributions to improve quality and application spectrum of its products with dynamism provided by its R&D activities and attention paid to manufacturing.

About Us

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